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The Way of Tea |
Chado or Chanoyu (jap.)

Tea, to be more exact: tea as it is used and cultivated in Japanese culture, may offer doors to a profound, insightful and respectful way of living.
'Teaism' in that sense is a way of life.

The Japanese tea ceremony, also called “the Way of Tea”, is a multifarious art which centres on the preparation and presentation of the powdered green tea known as matcha.

Embedded in an understanding of interdependence and constant transformation, 'Chado' lays out a way of living and relating, as well as the integration of virtues and ethics, based on practice and experience.

Informed by the philosophy and aestethics of Zen Buddhism, Chado can be seen as a pathway to understanding and embodying the harmonious interplay of man and nature.

Gatherings and workshops are being held in collaboration with
Ursula Kohli Soko l