learning to listen

On Meditation

Sitting quietly, doing nothing
spring comes
and the grass grows by itself
- Basho

The hunter needs to prepare an attention, which does not consist in riveting itself on the presumed but consists precisely in not assuming anything and in avoiding inattentiveness.
It is a 'universal attention', which does not inscribe itself on any point and tries to be on all points.
This is similar to certain meditation techniques, especially, 'Shikantaza' a practice of the Soto sect in Zen.
- Jack Turner, 'The Abstract Wild'


'Just sitting'
That is the proposition.
The Japanese word for just sitting is Shikantaza.
It is used in the context of Zen Buddhism.

The term 'Zen' derives from the Chinese 'Chan', which in turn has its root in the Sanskrit 'Dhyana', a term describing the sitting practice central to Zen Buddhism.

Meditating is not connected to any religion whatsoever.
It means different things to different people, and the motives as of why to meditate vary.

There surely are benefits that derive from sitting in meditation.
But first and foremost it offers the possibility to become aware of our natural state.