learning to listen


Thank you Lars for arranging this, last week was so beautiful and inspiring. I love how you embody this space of openness and how you support others in this disposition through the sitting quietly and by being who you are.
Last weeks session can be summarized very well in one word: Precious

Jesper Lagerman, Oslo


Lars is able to crystallize and communicate the essence of ‘connection’ in its ultimate simplicity.
It is a pleasure!

Sabina Demenga, Bern


You're a funny man... brief apparition but long lasting impact.

Lately I started to slow down when I get anxious instead of doing more and going even faster. It's hard but it feels good. And this is partly thanks to you.

I also started to make compost at home and I am amazed with all the life that gets created in there... from "waste"... it's a bliss for the mind. And this is also partly thanks to you.

And I keep on doing my own thing… facilitating the creation of love in the classroom and at the dance classes. And the fact that I stopped thinking of doing something bigger is probably partly thanks to you as well.

Not to mention how I am working on my dancing. You ARE a funny man... brief apparition but long lasting impact.

Elodie Labonne, Goteborg


For me, ecology is about remaining open, and this work seems to typify that.

Richard Povall, Dartington/UK